Research Methodology

Research Methodology (GRRM-001) - 2 weeks

This course introduces participants to a number of research methods useful for academic and professional investigations of information practices, texts and technologies. It will enable participants to identify and apply appropriate research methodologies in order to plan, conduct and evaluate basic research in the organization. The course, will, furthermore, enable participants to distinguish between the scientific method and common sense knowledge, while laying the foundation for research skills at higher levels.

  • How to interpret the results
  • Presentation of results and discussion
  • Sample Selection
  • How to conclude with recommendations and limitations
  • Referencing system & proof reading (using software)
  • Presentation / viva voce preparation
  • Real timing data collection experience
Benifits Of Course
  • Selection of research topic for your PHD / Manuscript
  • Formulation of Research Hypotheses
  • Development of the Questionnaire
  • Sampling and Sample size Calculation
  • Management/ corporate
  • Validation of the Tool/ Instrument
  • Independently conduct the Research and Publish research paper
Last Month Workshop
Course Fee

For Individual

INR 6000/-

Weekdays (Monday - Friday)

Weekend Batches (Saturday - Sunday)

For Group

INR 3000 / per head

:4 PM to 6 PM

:10 AM to 5 PM

Course Sylalabus
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